Saturday, February 15, 2014


Mummy brought this Lego rocket for me. She is going to use it as well in a video for a song I recorded for my friend Jay Jay, who is not allowed to play with Lego. He is only 12 years old. He really misses his Grandmother Voo Voo.

The rocket came with no instructions, as it is an old piece. Mummy contacted Lego. And they gave her this link.

Sadly the instruction could not be found on the Lego Building Instructions link. But Mummy did find a link on You Tube. Excellent Tutorial on how to put my new Rocket together.


You can listen to the Voo Voo song on my Never too old for Lego Radio Show. Mike from Howleys recorded some Lego News for us, which in on our 3rd live show. He loved my Lego songs and so does Lego. So much so they sent me an amazing present from their new Lego Movie, which I cannot wait to see again. I hope Mike from Howleys will continue to send us Lego News and we will add it to our videos.

Never too old for Lego Radio Show 3. Mikes Lego News is on the live version at the end.
Sadly we are no longer with Freedom Talk Radio. But will continue with our show anyway.

Never too old for Lego Radio Show 2 and 1.

Remember Mummy and I are team players and believe in helping all Lego Fans to shine. On my blog I have Mia's amazing Lego song "We love Lego." And pictures of a castle build that could be turned into Lego by Silver Night. Keep creating and sharing! 


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