Thursday, November 27, 2014


Melody wants to swap/trade toys, for Lego bricks. If you can help, please get in contact. We will shortly be adding pictures of toys she wishes to swap/trade for Lego pieces.

Melody is a huge Lego Fan, and wants to create child and family friendly songs and films.

I have recently invested in a professional stop motion animation program for my daughter. Melody would like to perfect her animations and really study Stop motion filming. Here is an example of one of her old lego films, which she hopes to remake.

She is currently working on building the set for Lego Doctor Who. But needs more bricks. Melody hates all the kissing in children's programmes and wants to create something special, especially for children. Hopefully she can get these bricks by swapping/trading toys. And would love to work with other children on some of her projects. Your never too old for Lego, so I am sure parents would enjoy working with us too.

Melody's Never too old for Lego You Tube Channel (Monitored by Mummy)

The thing I love about Lego, is that the whole family can get involved. Last year was our best Christmas ever. It was lovely to see my daughter building her Lego kits with Daddy. And Mummy was in charge of finding the pieces. I wonder what we will make this Christmas? What are you making? Have you created your own builds too. Would love to see them!

Melody and Daddy sharing a Lego Christmas 2013

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